Cookies policy

What’s a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is saved by websites on your pc or mobile while you’re browsing them. Thanks to cookies, websites remember your actions and preferences (for example, your login, your language or other graphic settings) so that you don’t have to re-insert them when you browse the websites again or you’re browsing between a page and the other. Cookies are also used widely to store anonymous informations regarding webpage browsing (login/logout links, browsing time, etc).

How do we use cookies in our website?

In this website, cookies are used to store data in order to simplify logging in the reserved area and certain browsing preferences in a completely anonymous way. No profiling cookies (cookies which create “user profiles” in order to launch direct advertisement marketing campaigns) are used.

Is it possible to delete or block cookies?

Almost any browser (the program used in order to access the Internet) offerts a complete control over cookies: it is possible to delete them or to completely block them. Upon every deletion, this website will re-create the cookie with the same previous anonymous functionalities in order to guarantee a correct browsing experience; blocking cookies will completely impede several important functionalities of the website, resulting in potential execution issues.

Where can i find more info on the subject?

Some useful link on the subject are provided down below: