In 2012 Enrico Giovanni Baj Macario and Giulia Melfi, finally started up “Rent a row of Vines in Chianti”, a project which is the result of a love for the soil, and the desire of being able to offer everyone the fulfillment of a dream in tasting and calling a product your own wine.

In this way the Azienda Agricola Baj Macario Enrico Giovanni, creating a family trademark of seriousness and professionalism, has put its own experience at the service of the client, offering what no other company can offer: the possibility of developing an exclusive and personalized product where the client becomes the vine grower and creates his own label.

In “Rent a row of Vines in Chianti” the Azienda gives exclusive rights to a client for a row of vines with which he can produce and bottle his own “Chianti”, even giving it a personalized label.
The client can personally manage and follow his own row of vines, or his two rows of vines in the case where he would like to create a reserve wine, delegating the care directly to the Azienda.

Enrico Giovanni will become at this point the client’s “farmer” and will dedicate himself to the client’s product, guaranteeing the personalization of every stage, from working the row of vines to the transformation of the grapes. Every row of vines will in fact be harvested and made into wine individually, a fact which will allow each row of vines to have a different end product from another one.

The Azienda Agricola Baj Macario Enrico Giovanni will be responsible for respecting the current laws and regulations in act, and will provide what is necessary for bottling and the D.O.C.G. stamps. It is not possible for all the Chianti wines to possess this denomination, since a Chianti Classico does not only mean that a wine comes from a certain territory, but it has to respect all the rules laid down by the product specification which establishes the conditions and requirements necessary in order to be able to display this title.
Enrico Giovanni has had a lot of satisfaction and successes from the start of his Azienda Agricola, but the most important for him is to have always reached his goal, and to have personally created with his own force his own Azienda Agricola. This gratifies him daily, and he follows the work with the love and passion of traditional farmers from the past.

The result of creating “DONNA GIULIA”, the wine dedicated to his wife, and “NINO” in memory of his father, has meant that he wishes to help create successful products for people who choose to take part in the project “Rent a row of vines in Chianti”.

The Azienda Agricola of Baj Macario Enrico Giovanni, will not place any more than 50 rows of vines in the project “Rent a row of vines in Chianti”, in this way creating a “closed number” of viticulturists who can therefore consider themselves “privileged”.

Moreover, with this project the Azienda Agricola Baj Macario Enrico Giovanni proposes to spread the unique and original idea of Bajering ®, a new form of marketing for anyone who would like to put their own experience and work at the service of others.