From my Sangiovese you could have:
A Chianti Classico, Gran Selezione, Riserva, Annata
A Supertuscan
A Spumante



Indomitable prince of Tuscan’s hills, strong and stubborn, as every plant that wants to grow on the clay soil of Chianti should be, which, if on one hand gives unique nutrients, on the other hand it suffocates the weaker roots.

The Sangiovese grapes thrive where other vines succumb, rough and strong, if let free to express themselves they are capable of great accomplishments.

Rebellious spirit, like people living in the Chianti region: you can’t force him to do what you want, but you have to follow him, gently helping him with skill to make the right choices.

Enrico knows well his plants, his vineyards, his vine rows and he’s capable of doing what all great men from the cellars have been doing: he can make wine “by instinct”, by sight, on the spot.

He can listen to what wine asks him, satisfying its needs, accepting the challenges, different each year, helping it to become excellence, thanks to the skilful preparation of the barrique, to the use of unusual yeasts for wine making, to his ability of waiting for it to mature in its own time, without rush, without following a scheduled path.

Each of Enrico’s Sangiovese grows by itself, away from external contamination, because, “if in good company, he immediately takes wife”, meaning that the plant takes the characteristics of aromas and flavour of what is placed beside it, and Enrico instead wants it to stay true to its nature, so that it can reveal its true temper, free to express itself and grow without leaning to the equality of flavours.


“Because my barrique of Sangiovese are prodigious kids, hard to make them mature, but always capable of something extraordinary”.