From my Refosco you will have a unique wine, what you want it will be able to give to you.


Hard not to be enchanted in front of the incredible power of the King of mistiness, impossible to imagine what a vine like this can give when it grows in a climate like the one of Chianti Classico.

“A touchy plant: a too strong wind, a daring entrance of a tractor in the Vineyard, pruning done without due care and the Refosco vine dies. But if you learn to understand what it wants, if you treat it right, if you learn to read the signals, it will pay you back with an exceptional wine, powerful, mouldable, capable of being whatever you want”


Enrico, fascinated by the characteristics of the plant and its wine, wanted to plant some rows to create a completely off the charts product: a Tuscan’s Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.

On the typical rootstock of Chianti, he planted the Refosco, gaining a completely different wine from the one produced in the region of Friuli: an exaggerated wine in all, from the power, to the aromas, to the colour, an explosive material that allows him to indulge himself limitlessly in the cellar.

The Refosco da Peduncolo Rosso is an extraordinary vineyard very resistant to illness and very sensitive to touch.

It doesn’t need plant protection treatments, but the delicacy and sensitivity of those who, like Enrico, know how to enter the vineyard with respect and attention.