Production philosophy

Nothing is predictable in wine. Every year it’s different from the other. The sun, the rain, the chemistry of the soil is unrepeatable, as every vintage should be unrepeatable

Enrico Baj Macario began his professional life in the family winery.

Today, in his cellar, he treasures what he learned but detaches completely from today’s production techniques to create something special.

Banish large barrels, mixing territories and authenticity, banished every research of constancy of taste in different vintages, he uses his experience to reach a precise goal: the uniqueness.

Each row is like a painting by the same artist.


Enrico is in the field or in the cellar every day: he, not an employee or a farmer.

He’s the one, worn the clothes of the farmer, decides which branches to prune, which bunches to remove.


He’s the one that, with his modified tractor makes sure the soil it’s always well maintained.

He’s the one who follows each stage of production and seals it with a distinctive back label on which he affixes his fingerprint like a signature.


È lui che segue ogni fase della produzione e la sigilla con una retroetichetta inconfondibile sulla quale appone come una firma la sua impronta digitale.