Enrico Baj Macario


Enrico Giovanni Baj Macario was born in Milan on the 3rd of April 1964. Third of five children of Count Giovanni Enea Baj Macario and Countess Eugenia Spieghel Baj Macario.

He was raised in a numerous family, where he received a very rigid education, coming from a very long military family tradition, but nothing can bend his passion for art, beauty, taste and discover.

Enrico Baj Macario began his career as a winemaker in the family business farm “Castello del Trebbio” where, in addition to learning all the secrets to the production of fine and award-winning wines, sets the stage for the type of accommodation that we all know by the name of farmhouse.

When his father dies, he decides to leave the world of wine for some time until, in 1999, he returns to the countryside by purchasing an old ruin and a good piece of land on which now stands the farm Enrico Baj Macario.

“I didn’t move away from the country life I loved, but from the concept of modern farming. Too many constraints, too many standards, a frantic research for predictability of flavor that conflicts with the true nature of wine. I wanted to follow a production method capable of enhancing every plant, every vineyard, every vintage”


The vineyards and the cellars are made to enable the production of different wines and a few years later are ready for the market, where, the first products of the new company are positively welcomed.

It then begins the real first wine making for single row and the “Filare 6” comes in the shortlist of the very few that can boast the label of Chianti Classico Gran Selezione.

Black swan among the great names of Tuscan wines, Enrico Baj Macario, with its xxx hectares of vineyards, has the opportunity to see his product presented in international fairs of the highest level, and today has become a production reality recognized and appreciated in Italy and abroad for its peculiarities.