Filare 36

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Geographical coordinates of the vine row
43° 38′ 38” N 11° 19′ 14” E

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Gran Selezione 2010

Chianti Classico

Pure Sangiovese

13,82% proof

Integrally produced and bottled at the source

225lt Barrique for a total production of 300 bottles


This wine remembers the great Brunelli with the characteristics of past traditions, with a strong personality in which the tannin doesn’t surrender itself to sweetness, but gives a platform and austerity of great level.

Ruby red colour with vivid garnet reflections.
Bouquet with a strong traditional character, cloves, oak, cherry.
It highlights a scent of plum, damsons and cherries under spirit, fused to a floral note of violet.

In the background balsamic notes a little bit vegetable come up, fused to slight sensations of grill and mineral.

Soft and sweet taste with a tannin of great vertical personality, of important structure and maybe still a bit sour.

The wine has reached only 65/70% of its evolution.

Vegetable and rough sensations emerge.

Long and persistent scents in the end, with the tannin holding on to its power.