Spumante of Sangiovese

Every spumante has its secret recipe.
Which one will be yours?



Enrico works personally on his sparkling wine, following the most ancient techniques of the classic method: the secondary fermentation is done in the bottle, and the removage (the movement of the bottles) is manually done every 15 days for two years.

The disgorging of the yeasts, (the procedure by which the yeasts are eliminated from the wine after the two years of secondary fermentation) is executed alla volè, meaning is done without freezing the bottles, as it was done in the old days.

Like this, Enrico manages to obtain a very particular product: a sparkling wine of pure Sangiovese that he places on the market pa dosage, without adding the liquer de spedition.

The personalization is completely left to his clients, so that they can feel like they are playing a leading role and have the privilege of purchasing a product that’s absolutely unique and unrepeatable.

The liquer de spedition, the secret recipe that will be added to the sparkling wine pa dosage to give it the characteristics of taste and aromas desired, will be studied in an exclusive way for each client, so it will be his forever.

“Uniqueness is my goal. For this reason, once the production of the sparkling wine is terminated, the client will take with him the secret recipe, so that nobody can create the same”.