Il sesto filare

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione


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Enoteca del Chianti Classico Company

“I felt like a David surrounded by dozens of Goliaths, my wine was admitted to the inner circle of the greatest”



In March 2014 Enrico decided to send his row 6 Donna Giulia Chianti Classico 2010, out for tasting to the comity of Chianti Classico, to ask their opinion of suitability for the Gran Selezione.

The commission was in his favour therefore row 6 becomes the Sixth row.

Together with the consortium, the company gets ready to present this new kind of wine in various events, which, for the consortium stands at the top of the quality pyramid.

The world tour starts (Vinitaly, New York City, Hong Kong, Montreal, Toronto, London) only for a few of the best producers from the Gallo Nero and it is the launch of the Gran Selezione.

An exciting adventure.